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Where to buy a keg and get it delivered in New York City. Following is a list of stores, distributors, breweries that offer kegs to wholesale & retail accounts.

Title Address Delivery Contact
Bronx Brewery 856 E 136th St, Bronx, NY 10454 No
NYC Kegs 410 Broadway, Brooklyn 11211 Manhattan, Brooklyn. Full keg delivery and service for offices. (646) 598-8849,
Beverage Island 1784 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10310 Staten Island 929-369-0100
Beer Castle 860 Ralph Ave, BK, NY 11236 Yes 718-385-1453,
Other Half 195 Centre Street, Red Hook, NY 11231 $30 Delivery Fee
Minibar Web ordering only. Pick up available. Service area in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens. (855) 487-0740
Kings County Brewers Collective 381 Troutman St, BK, NY 11237 No
Thrifty Beer Center 990 McDonald Ave, BK, NY 11230 Borough only (718) 854-6156
Big Blue 223 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Yes (718) 387-4416
New York Beverage 151 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx, NY 10128 Manhattan for wholesale, retail accounts. Wholesale accounts serviced only in Bronx. 718-401-7700

Keg Delivery in NYC

Retail Store: These provide easy online ordering with no physical public location. Usually available for delivery only, no pick up. Some online stores allow pick up.

Distributor: Usually sell wholesale & retail. Large selection of soda, water, ice usually available in bulk. Online ordering and payment is often not available.

Brewery: NY State law allows breweries to sell cans, growlers, kegs. NYC has more than 10 breweries, however not all of them sell kegs to public. It is advisable to email or call ahead to check availability & options before visiting.

Keg Delivery in NYC - FAQ

I am planning a party and want to order kegs. How many should I buy?
Each full keg holds approximately 155 12oz servings, pony keg holds 80 12oz servings, sixtel keg holds 55 12oz servings. Depending on other beverage such as wine, spirits or non-alcoholic drinks being served at the event, one should plan accordingly.

How do I use a keg? I've never purchased one before.
Keg is nothing but a container that holds large volume of beer. Beer can be dispensed using a kegerator, picnic pump or jockey box.

Keg Delivery in NYC. Is it a thing?
Yes! This city runs on delivery. Almost anything, including kegs can be delivered from certain stores & distributors. If you buy for offices, especially in Manhattan, you should contact your building management to check the insurance requirements for delivery to your office. Most importantly, order in advance!

How many days in advance should I place my order?
Advance planning is key for a successful party or event. It is highly recommended to contact stores no less than 3 days in advance. In our experience, 1 week is ideal for having access to wider choice.